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See some real Money in your life!
If you are sick of working a JOB (Just Over Broke) and living paycheck to paycheck, well you are not the only one! In fact many Aussies are just weeks away from being broke. In such an affluent country where this is so much possibility, this just shouldn’t be the case. So don’t let it be for you!So how do you change this? Get educated, learn ways to make money OTHER than working 9-5. Rather than working for your money, get your money working for you.
Property is one of the best ways to increase your own personal wealth and change your future. And there are many ways to get involved in the 
property market. Invest, renovations and property development.
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Not sure if you can do it? Well before you start wondering that, let me tell you about Carly Crutchfield who is an Aussie and became a property 
developer herself.

In fact you have probably already heard about her, she was featured in Channel 9s secret millionaire when she gave away more than $100,000! She has been on radio, TV, mags such as Cosmo, Madison, Who, Dynamic Business…you name it. 

Why? Because in her 20s she was a property developer and became a self-made millionaire. She actually left school in Grade 9, she didn’t learn at Uni or College – now I am not saying you should do that! – but the point is, that she didn’t learn formally and she was still able to make millions. And you could too. 

In fact in this DVD you will see exactly how Carly did it and the strategies you need to know and apply so you could do it too. I hear success stories every day, and Carly’s is just one of these. Who knows, maybe you’re next…
And this is where the fun begins. As you start to learn the property game you will realize it is probably not as hard as you are thinking. The less you know, the harder it is going to be. The more you know and learn, the easier it gets as you start to realize there are solutions to what you previously thought was a barrier to your property success. 

For instance. Have you got troubles getting a deposit together? Heaps of people do. Well here is the thing, you don’t even need a deposit to buy 
property! It is one of the biggest myths in property!

Or, maybe you have a deposit but you can’t afford the kind of property you would like to live in? Maybe you shouldn’t be buying a home, maybe you should be buying an investment and renting it out! Again, “its best to buy your home first” is another myth in the property world. 

Or here is a favorite “you need to go to uni or be loaded to be a property developer”. Just not true. In fact we have helped countless Aussies invest in property with no money, become a developer without a degree and make massive profits without starting with massive money!
You can learn this stuff for yourself. I have two options for you:

1.  Come to one of our live events where we will show you how. 

2. Get our Free DVD where we will show you how. 

Both options are free. Why are they free? Well this is how we work, we teach people all over Australia (we have taught more than 40,000 Aussies) how to get into property and make big profits. We do this through free DVDs, ebooks, webinars and live events. 

So how do we make money if its free? Well we also have courses and 
education that you can pay for if you want to take it further. For instance, after you watch out 90 minute DVD you will either think “nah not for me” and leave it at that. Or…you may think “heck yeah, that’s what Im talking about, I want more”. Well if you want more, then let us know and we will take you through the additional courses we have. It’s over to you, there is no 
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Is your superannuation going to look after you in retirement. I hate to put a downer on you, but lets get real here. Say you want to stop working at 65. You will likely live for at least another 20 years.
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Sound interesting? Well, get the DVD and see for yourself. To order your free DVD simply fill out the form below and we will post it to you absolutely free of charge. 

If you are interested in attending one of our free live events, we will let you know when we next have one in your state.
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